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We strongly suggest that you do not view this solution unless you have successfully solved the puzzle or have attempted to solve the puzzle at least three times. If you want your analytical and decision-making skills to improve, you must learn from your previous attempts and look at a problem (examine piece movements) from a different perspective.   This requires multiple attempts.

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The only time a king can move more than one space at a time is during the act of castling. Move the white king two squares to the right to square g1 and move the white rook at h1 two squares to the left so that it is on the other side of the king. A player can only castle once in a game. The king and the rook must not move before the castle move.

La única vez que un rey puede moverse más de un espacio a la vez es durante el acto de enroque. Mueve el rey blanco dos casillas a la derecha hasta la casilla g1 y mueve la torre blanca en h1 dos casillas a la izquierda para que quede al otro lado del rey. Un jugador solo puede enrocar una vez en un juego. El rey y la torre no deben moverse antes del movimiento del castillo.