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We strongly suggest that you do not view this solution unless you have successfully solved the puzzle or have attempted to solve the puzzle at least three times. If you want your analytical and decision-making skills to improve, you must learn from your previous attempts and look at a problem (examine piece movements) from a different perspective.   This requires multiple attempts.

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Move the white pawn from c7 to d8 and promote the white pawn to a white queen for checkmate.  The black king cannot move to e7 or g7 because the white queen at f6 controls those squares. No other black piece can help protect the black king.

Mueva el peón blanco de c7 a d8 y promocione el peón blanco a una dama blanca para dar jaque mate. El rey negro no puede moverse a e7 o g7 porque la dama blanca en f6 controla esos cuadrados. Ninguna otra pieza negra puede ayudar a proteger al rey negro.